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SF-182 Notifications Updated and Improved

SF-182 Notifications Updated and Improved
by GABRIEL MARTINEZ - Monday, May 13, 2019, 3:31 PM

Team AgLearn is pleased to announce the implementation of three AgLearn Change Control Board (CCB) requests to add more detailed information in all SF-182 email notifications sent throughout the submission and approval process. The AgLearn CCB is a group of USDA representatives from the training community who meet on a regular basis to establish a fair process to improve the functions of the AgLearn LMS. The AgLearn CCB was established in 2017 to assist Team AgLearn with establishing priorities for the current and future fiscal years. The CCB is responsible for reviewing, rating and prioritizing requests submitted by USDA Agency AgLearn points of contact.  

In this case three requests to improve the SF-182 notifications were submitted by OCIO’s Jennifer Honeysucker and Serina Hamann, FPAC’s Mark Nelson, and Illeana Castro with our external partner U.S. Agency for Global Media. All three submissions requested improved communication throughout the SF-182 submission and approval process which Team AgLearn and our technical partner General Physics were able to accomplish. All users will see an immediate improvement in the notifications. 

The following is a list of all notifications that have been revised and that are sent throughout the SF-182 approval proccess:  

SF-182 submitted by user

SF-182 Ready for Approval by supervisor

SF-182 Ready for Approval by Level 2

SF-182 Ready for Approval by Level 3

SF-182 Pending Verification by user

SF-182 Verification Submitted by user to supervisor

SF-182 Pending Approval

SF-182 Verified by user

SF-182 Denied

SF-182 Denied by supervisor

SF-182 Withdrawn by SF-182 administrator

SF-182 Verified Incomplete

SF-182 Verification Denied

(Edited by JEROME DAVIN - original submission Monday, May 13, 2019, 1:47 PM)