Happening Now... Welcome to AgLearn v14!

Team AgLearn is excited to share with you to an upgraded AgLearn loaded with new features to improve your learning experience. With the launch of version 14, AgLearn now features: An improved user-friendly interface, Employee engagement, Access to Playlists, Streamlined Search, Collaboration Tools, and much more... Explore, browse the course catalog under the Learn tab, and interact with the new features as we continue to tweak and enhance the v14 environment.

AgLearn Ready to Share! Better usability, access to playlists, streamlined search, and much more

Is Your Supervisor Really Your Supervisor? 

Having the correct supervisor listed in your AgLearn profile is imperative to ensure your SF-182 requests, Individual Development Plan, Executive Development Plan, and certain assignments are approved and managed correctly. AgLearn reflects supervisor data from USDA's HR system. Therefore, if a supervisor change is needed these requests must be made through EmpowHR from your HR point of contact. Review the following Ask AgLearn Now Answer for more details.