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Resources for Remote and Hybrid Workers

Resources for Remote and Hybrid Workers
Published on Thursday, June 15, 2023, 12:40 PM by DANA DEROUCHEY

Resources for Remote and hybrid Workers

To support those who work remotely or in a hybrid orientation, Team AgLearn is providing resources help all AgLearn users thrive in this post-pandemic professional landscape.

Telework Training for Supervisors and Employees

  • The Telework for Government Employees course provides telework guidelines for federal employees. It explains how to determine whether telework is a viable option for you, and how to prepare for a successful teleworking experience. This course also provides instruction on the best practices for teleworking, and how to manage the challenges associated with telework. (Percipio / Skillsoft)
  • Leading in a Hybrid Workplace is a new course to assist team leaders, supervisors and managers build and maintain a cohesive team in a hybrid work environment. (Percipio / Skillsoft)
  • The Leading Virtually course provides strategies and techniques for using modern collaboration technologies to leverage the benefits of virtual teams and overcome their inevitable challenges. (Percipio / Skillsoft)

LinkedIn Learning Resources

Learn how to navigate your role in a hybrid or remote work environment. As a leader or team player, you need to know what to plan for as some professionals return to the office and others remain remote. Your people are looking to you for answers. Dig in and explore key considerations as you redesign how people work as offices reopen.

Skillsoft-Percipio Resources

Skillsoft-Percipio offers a wealth of courses, books, and videos for employees, supervisors, and managers on how to navigate the post-pandemic work environment where hybrid and remote work is often the new norm.