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National Online Learning Day is September 15, 2023

National Online Learning Day is September 15, 2023
Published on Thursday, September 7, 2023, 2:15 PM by DANA DEROUCHEY

National Online Learning Day

Join Team AgLearn in celebrating National Online Learning Day (September 15th), an annual observance that celebrates the transformative power of digital education and emphasizes the accessibility and flexibility that online platforms offer. It serves as a reminder of the continuous evolution of education, of bridging geographical gaps, and providing opportunities for lifelong learning.

Here are some practical ways all AgLearn users can get involved:

  • Reflect and Plan: Take time to reflect on your learning goals and plan your educational path.
  • Take an Online Course: There are thousands of courses available to you through AgLearn in collaboration with our vendor partners Skillsoft-Percipio, LinkedIn Learning, Rosetta Stone, and Dmason Financial. Explore subjects that align with your passions or professional goals.
  • Explore Online Resources: Discover new online resources to expand your digital toolkit, such as educational apps, podcasts, YouTube channels, and blogs.
  • Share Your Story: If you have found success or committed to an online learning journey, share it on your socials! Your experience could help raise awareness in online learning options and inspire others to embark on their own online learning journey.

To participate in National Online Learning Day 2023, take a few moments to explore featured AgLearn courses, eBooks, and Learning Paths below.

Featured AgLearn Resources

LinkedIn Learning and Skillsoft-Percipio content is available for USDA Federal Employees only.