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Skillsoft Discontinuing Support for Internet Explorer

Skillsoft Discontinuing Support for Internet Explorer
Published on Wednesday, August 11, 2021, 11:22 AM by GABRIEL MARTINEZ

To ensure Skillsoft's ability to deliver innovative and secure learning experiences, Skillsoft is announcing its plan to end support for the Internet Explorer browser on September 7, 2021. Many of the vendors we work with have already dropped support for Internet Explorer, making it increasingly challenging to continue supporting the browser.  


We recommend you engage with your IT group to understand your organization's plan for Internet Explorer and take appropriate action to support your learners and administrators still using the browser. The steps may include a transition to Microsoft Edge, which has the highest-rated protection against phishing and malware to help protect your network from external threats.  

Microsoft recently announced its end-of-life plans for Internet Explorer, including ending support for the browser in Microsoft 365 by August 2021 and the browser application itself in June 2022. We selected our date based on Microsoft's schedule as many organizations are already planning for their transition away from Internet Explorer.  

After September 7, 2021, users with Internet Explorer will, over time, have a degraded experience where some features may be unavailable, cease to function correctly, or work with limited functionality. This change impacts all Skillsoft products, including Percipio, Skillport, and our content players.   

Please visit this webpage for more detail.  

Should you have any questions regarding this notification, please contact Skillsoft Support via one of our contact methods available at