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Percipio: Skillsoft’s new Intelligent Learning Platform

Percipio: Skillsoft’s new Intelligent Learning Platform
Published on Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 6:52 PM by GABRIEL MARTINEZ

Last Updated: November 30, 2022

Welcome to Percipio: Watch, Read, Listen and Practice

Percipio: Skillsoft’s new Intelligent Learning Platform

Percipio content is available for USDA Federal Employees only.

External Link GO TO PERCIPIO

Percipio offers an intelligent online learning experience platform that delivers an immersive learning experience. With Percipio External Link, Skillsoft content is curated into nearly 700 learning paths that are continuously updated to ensure USDA federal employees have access to the latest content. Access to Skillsoft content remains available through your eAuthentication credentials.


Learner-Centered Design: Enables you as a USDA federal employee to discover and consume content and self-direct your learning.

Personalized Experience: Provides you with a personalized homepage, the ability to create playlists and pick up learning where you left off.

Micro-Learning and Competency Building: Focus on targeted learning needs with short videos (three to five minutes) with 700 learning paths to assist with building your competencies and skills.

Enhanced Content Discovery: Find learning content quickly with Elasticsearch, Percipio’s advanced search tool also used by Facebook, Netflix, and eBay.

Self-Selected Playlists: Add any type of content to a playlist to access at another time on your personalized home page.

For more information on Percipio watch the Intro to Percipio for Learners video External Link or jump right in by signing into your Skillsoft Percipio account External Link by using your eAuthentication credentials.

NOTE: Current assigned Skillsoft content will not change. Percipio External Link is the new Skillsoft interface that improves the way Skillsoft content is organized and delivered to you. 

For External Partner Employees (DNFSB, IMLS, USAGM, EXIM): 

Percipio is currently only available to USDA Federal Employees. You are still able to access Skillsoft content at External Link

Thank you,

Team AgLearn and Skillsoft